Server management

includes all of the monitoring and maintenance required for servers to operate reliably and at optimal performance levels.

What Are IT Server Management Services?

IT server management services encompass everything you need to manage your server and make sure it is up and running correctly for the maximum amount of time. This can include:
  • Handling the actual setup and configuration of the server and the software that runs on it
  • Updating that software and the server when necessary
  • Monitoring the server and everything running on the server
  • Making sure the server is up and running optimally so no issues are interfering with regular operation
  • Dealing with other server management issues that may arise

Do I Need Server Management Support?

This is our most comprehensive service. By opting for this package, ONEQON becomes fully responsible for a properly performing IT environment through a combination of proactive monitoring, periodic checks and scheduled maintenance. We fulfil the role of IT manager, without you actually employing one. Additionally this allows you to focus on your core business rather than ensuring sure your servers are up and running.

It's difficult enough, help is on the way!

You want problems and/or queries from users to be resolved swiftly and professionally, both remotely and on-site. We can assist you swiftly when an issue develops because of our vocation, expertise, and experience. We guarantee a timely resolution to any issue or problem, as well as suggestions on how to improve efficiency.


Our approach to IT advice is as follows:

We can ensure the security, availability, and scalability of your network by setting up our IT network management as a service.

Tech support

Our team of network experts is always available to assist you.


24/7 monitoring and a scalable network that expands with your company;

Tailored IT advice

A network that is GDPR-compliant now and in the future.


We proactively monitor your IT environment 24/7. In the event of a problem, it is rectified (in consultation with you). In addition, ONEQON can relieve you from the burden of software updates, such as virus scanners and other system software. The service is available for a fixed monthly fee.

Quick response

This is the most basic form of support. As part of an SLA between you and Oneqon, it is agreed within which time you can expect a response or solution to your problem. In the event of breakdowns or changes, you can call our service desk. This can be typified as response service with all hours invoiced on the basis of actual costs.

We think along with you!

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