Continuous IT Security & Monitoring as a Defense Strategy

Every organization is always secure in a perfect world. Unfortunately, hackers are awake and they target businesses entirely autonomously on a worldwide scale.

Organization need a credible and reliable security infra

We established our own operational defense method to keep your company safe: Continuous Information Security Monitoring (CISM). We use the 360 cyber security platform, for monitoring and alerts. This enables us to continuously monitor information security: your network and data are watched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, attacks on strategic assets can be detected and reported quickly to the business, and issues can be resolved quickly by an operational security team (SOC). Furthermore, by preventing subsequent security breaches, our team can quickly fend off attacks or limit their impact. Your company’s crown jewels are well-protected with CISM.

Network management is the lifeblood of any IT infrastructure: without a network, there is no connectivity to the (public or private) cloud and no link between your organization’s branches. We differentiate ourselves by having extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field of IT network management, both internally and for an effective and secure internet connection.

Our approach to IT advice is as follows:

We can ensure the security, availability, and scalability of your network by setting up our IT network management as a service.

Tailored IT advice

A network that is GDPR-compliant now and in the future.


24/7 monitoring and a scalable network that expands with your company;

Tech support

Our team of network experts is always available to assist you.


Our approach to IT security

Keeping your IT systems safe from viruses, malware, spam, ransomware, and other threats is critical for your business’s survival. A firewall is still a long way off. It’s just as crucial to keep track of this firewall. Our managed services provide everything you’ll need to keep your IT environment safe at all times. This allows you to concentrate on your primary duties while we keep your IT environment secure. Your IT environment is fully secured for a fixed monthly fee, thanks to a comprehensive package of measures that includes virus scans based on constantly up-to-date software.

Why PREQON Continuous Security Monitoring?

Security is critical for any business, which is why PREQON has made it a key component of our IT services. We can scan IT infrastructures on a continuous basis to detect and report hacking attempts as well as software and hardware vulnerabilities. We can swiftly and efficiently resolve recognized issues based on the reports and our expertise of our customers’ IT infrastructure, even before they cause damage to their business.

More information or a consultation call

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