We power companies through Tech.

Our goal is to use digital technology to the fullest extent possible to maximize the potential of our clients and partners so they may enhance both themselves and the world.

proficiency in managing the full chain.

We are an idiosyncratic IT solution company. We are there for organizations that want to make a real difference in their industry. OneQon and its professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise in assisting and advising organizations in the design, implementation, and management of IT solutions. Our consultants are well-educated and have years of experience in various aspects of IT infrastructure.

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Three kernprinciples for scaling ambition.

Three pillars define our way of thinking, acting, and being. What makes us unique, what you can expect as a result, and how we contribute to society

Change as a team

A interdisciplinary partnership that operates as one. Oneqon joins your development and/or product teams. A broad collaboration that effectively brings together all needed specialties. With a mindset that offers your aspirations maximum size.

Enhance action

Every second is crucial. We assist you in creating an edge that suits the ambition of your company or organization, using speed as the strongest weapon against change. From a continual process based on years of experience and in-depth understanding of the industry and various technologies.

Eliminate complexity

What can be done to make it smarter, better, and more efficient? Our DNA is imprinted with the question behind the inquiry. It pervades all we do. We achieve maximum effect while using the fewest resources. This benefits more than just our customers and their end users. But not only for ourselves. And our surroundings.

Leading cloud solutions from a single space.

Get the proper Stuff from a partner you can rely on. Feel assured in any sales scenario with mission-critical products and solutions backed by personalized support.

We Are a Idiosyncratic IT Specialists.

We simplify IT solutions to make operations easier for all users. We aim to offer technology that does nothing more than work. making customers happy by listening carefully and clearly when they talk. We strive to get a little bit better at what we do every day and share our knowledge with everyone. Every day, Oneqon works to develop the future and the expansion of businesses. Together with our partners, we develop cutting-edge IT solutions. Our fulfillment comes from witnessing how our clients’ actions influence the world and how their use of our services aided them along the path.


Our transactions are distinguished by their candor. Put everything on the table at once and go to work on your challenge.


A Trueligan can be obstinate, and will not take the obvious way if it is not or does not appear to be the best option.


We’d rather spend time with ten customers than one hundred. Always ready and willing to improve.

We keep it up and running.

Our passion to collaborate and innovate enable us to work every day on new ICT solutions that bring customers closer to their next big step. As a team we work together to ensure that people love IT a little more each day.