Maintenance Support Fast & reliable.

Unexpected IT problems can have a shocking effect on your business. OneQon offers an maintenance support that can help you solving and save time and money.

Our IT support will help you get your business up and running in no time.

A broken switch, for instance, can bring your entire network to a halt. If such an emergency occurs, you will want an IT Support company with the capacity to respond swiftly and efficiently.

We offer maintenance assistance for all of your IT assets, including PCs, servers, switches, and routers etc.. Once we get your systems operational again, we’ll work with you to partner with us to keep your systems healthy and preventing emergencies from happening again in the future. Call our office anytime for support.


Here we look at some of the common emergency IT support issues and how having a professional support team at the ready can help you overcome these issues.

This is the partial or complete failure of the components of a network due to some sort of malfunctioning or natural disasters as well as those caused by people. If this happens, your outsourced IT support team will help you detect the causes of network failure and come up with ways to help you fix the problem in good time.

This occurs when people access information that should not ideally be accessible to them. Remember that there are many hackers waiting to strike at all times. To prevent any form of security breach, your IT team can help create access controls so that only authorized people can access your data. Once this is done, then such unauthorized users will be denied access to your systems.
These can strike at a time when you least expect them and could range from earthquakes to flooding and fires among others. Once disasters strike, having emergency IT support ensures that your business overcomes the effects of such disasters in the shortest time possible. This may be possible if you have a good backup system in place and your IT support team can also ensure that this is in place.
Data is critical to your success, so the ability to quickly recover and restore lost files and data is imperative. The backup of data is useless if it cannot be restored. PreQon provide Backup & Restore Services to help you optimize your backup environment improve efficiency, recovery and archiving solutions that has been designed to meet your requirements, minimize downtime with a backup and improve flexibility, manageability and scalability.
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We can help you solve complex IT issues.

Emergency it support services: fast & reliable. OneQon offers a range of IT support services that can help you do just that; as well as save you time and money. Our IT support services will help you achieve your business goals faster, better and cheaper.