IT Migration Services

A swift migration entails conforming to a precise plan. This is applicable not only for small, but also for big data systems. Oneqon is at ease in a variety of environments.

Ofice 365

Cloud Storage



So, what exactly is
IT migration?

The process of migrating from one operational environment to another in IT is known as migration. One such migration is the switch from Windows 2008 Server to Windows 2012 Server. A migration is often defined as the process of switching to new software or hardware. When doing an IT migration, you must take precautions to guarantee that your existing applications continue to function in the new environment. Oneqon is delighted to assist you.


What type of IT migration do we perform?

We can assist you with the migrations listed below. Is the requested migration not on the list? Call us or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to inquire about the possibilities.

  • Office 365
  • Email data
  • User data
  • Progress database
  • Networking
  • IT infrastructure to the cloud
  • Servers
  • Linux en Windows
  • Microsoft exchange
  • Soft-en hardware

IT Migration in Four Easy Steps

A smooth migration begins with proper planning. As a result, we don’t just consider how we’ll implement the migrations technically. We also consider the impact of the move on your company, as well as potential enhancements. We built a methodology based on Prince2 principles that allows us to handle migration projects effectively. As a result, You are fully operational again within the agreed-upon time and budget. Without the needless waste of work time or restless nights.

1. Design

We identify the intended aim and build the best technological solution together.

2. Realization

The move has begun: we are implementing the new solution.

3. Testing

We create and test the files that will be moved as well as the new IT solution.

4. Support

We identify the intended aim and build the best technological solution together.

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