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We assists both small and large businesses in effectively organizing and managing their IT.

We Arrange & Manage Your IT Infra.​

We work on IT solutions so you may keep growing while focusing on your core business.

Corporate Networks

A stable company network is always available and guarantees the continuity of your IT environment and thus the business processes.

Workplace management

Managing the equipment in the workplaces and monitoring that it works properly 24/7 is an important focus for many companies.


Monitor the performance of your IT infra and to stay on top of outages and pinpoint server issues with root cause analysis capabilities.

Onsite Break/Fix

Unexpected IT problems can have a shocking effect on your business. A priority service once a problem is occurring or breaks need a urgent fix.


How is your data or privacy sensitive information secured? Unlike physical security, digital threats are a lot less tangible.

24/7 Support & Consultation

We look at every challenge objectively and creatively, so that we arrive at the best solution that suits your company needs.

Work safely anytime, anywhere

Complete IT management

By outsourcing IT, you work better in the knowledge that the IT infrastructure is more secure and optimized, so that you take full advantage of the latest developments and you do not have to worry about the continuity of your IT environment. You can fully focus on your core business.


More efficient and flexible workspace

Workplace management

The workplace is and remains an important place within your organization. But where previously the device was completely central, it is now the user who is central. And rightly so! To what extent has this been achieved within your organization?

We can help more than a hundred customers with their (digital) workplace every day, so that they can work optimally, always and everywhere.

Curious about the possibilities? Explore your options for modern workplace management with us.


Securely migrate to the cloud

The way we work has changed enormously in recent years. Innovations follow each other in rapid succession and companies certainly do not want to miss out on this. Partly for this reason, we have seen organizations massively switch to the cloud in recent years . They move existing data and infrastructure to the cloud through a cloud migration. With endless possibilities .
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We solve complex problems.


Emergency measures may be necessary in order to avert a calamity. IT support services: fast & reliable. OneQon offers a range of IT support services that can help you do just that; as well as save you time and money. Our IT support services will help you achieve your business goals faster, better and cheaper.

service FAQ's

Remote Access Solution helps IT and other departments with the difficult task of supporting employees who are highly mobile and need access to the same resources as business users. By providing a versatile remote networking solution, IT can securely extend the corporate network at lower cost and at scale to overcome the complexity that makes traditional remote networking options ill-suited to large-scale business continuity applications.

In addition to providing licenses and management services, Workplace as a Service consists of various activities for workplace management ICT.

      • Is a user experiencing a disruption in the OS, managed software or existing peripherals? We solve it!
      • Your OS and managed software (such as the internet browser, Office 365 business, Adobe Acrobat reader, etc.) are always up-to-date thanks to our service.
      • A feeling of safety thanks to the automated management of the workplace, where we take proactive and preventive action in response to signals. In the unlikely event of a virus or malware attack, we will carry out the repair work for you so that you can get back to work quickly and safely.
      • Assurance that you can fall back on your backups if necessary, we check them for you (if available).
      • Your employees know how to get the best out of Microsoft 365 business thanks to our online training courses.
      • Employees can easily and quickly access third-party applications (up to 5 pre-designated applications) thanks to our assistance.

We offer network management solutions because we understand that your network is the backbone of your IT system. Today’s networks are larger than ever as the number and variety of devices connected to networks increases every day.

Ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in managing your network performance is a constant challenge for any business. Building a modern network involves optimizing connectivity, maximizing bandwidth and enabling better collaboration.

We are here to help you assess, design, and implement the physical infrastructure needed to provide a network that is flexible to the changing demands of your organization.

Something as simple as a failed switch can bring your entire network to a standstill. If an emergency happens then you need an IT Support company that has the resources to respond quickly and efficiently.

We provide emergency support service for all of your IT resources including computers, servers, switches, and routers. Once we get your systems operational again, we’ll work with you to partner with us to keep your systems healthy and preventing emergencies from happening again in the future. Call our office anytime for support.

The process of migrating from one operational environment to another in IT is known as migration. One such migration is the switch from Windows 2008 Server to Windows 2012 Server. A migration is often defined as the process of switching to new software or hardware (relocating or moving in to a new data center). When doing an IT migration, you must take precautions to guarantee that your existing applications continue to function in the new environment. Preqon is delighted to assist you.

When you turn on your laptop or computer, you notice that the performance is sluggish, slow, and time consuming. You can’t start more than a few apps before the system slows to a crawl, your mouse becomes uncooperative, and moving between program windows takes an age. You’ve pondered throwing your technology out the window, but a hardware update might bring your present computer back to life with fresh parts without breaking the budget.

Computer hardware service is the process of repairing, installing/upgrading, and maintaining the physical components of a computer. Moving parts, like as hard drives and cooling fans, might fail over time. Laptop batteries must be changed when they no longer retain a charge. Other components of a computer, such as

Stay on top of your data center resources by monitoring your servers and entire infrastructure for critical performance metrics. With our extensive server monitoring, we get in-depth visibility into key performance indicators of application servers, mail servers, web servers, virtual servers, database servers, and more to eliminate outages and server performance issues.



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