Remote & Desk Support.

We help you by providing proper IT support. You no longer have to worry about recruitment and selection or rotation at the service desk.

All you require in IT to support your business.

The skilled service desk is the pride of our company. Here are all the bright minds who make the work of our partners easier every day. From solving a malfunction to advice about an ongoing IT project. We’ll get you up and running again in no time!

Outsource Your Support To PREQON

You want service desk staff that understand your customers and provide adequate support. Our service desk has a high resolution capacity. We work in a process-oriented and best-practices-based manner. This way, you get personalized service that is tailored to your company.

Remote Support

Our service desk is always available. Get assistance in ENG, FR and NL when you need it. So that your users may continue working.

Flexible and scalable

Don't always require the same level of assistance? Because we are adaptable, you can easily scale up and down the level of support.

On-Site Support

Our service desk personnel are your coworkers. They are accustomed to your setting and can modify their help to fit your business.

It's difficult enough, We can smooth it out! ​

With a service desk on-site (remote support), you can obtain this help right away. Employees at the service desk are colleagues who are familiar with your organization. This way, you get personalized assistance that is tailored to your company.


Our approach to IT advice is as follows:

We can ensure the security, availability, and scalability of your network & systems by setting up an effective IT management as a service.

Tech support

Our team of system & network experts are always available to assist you.


24/7 monitoring and a scalable network that expands with your company;

Tailored IT advice

A network that is GDPR-compliant now and in the future.

We're just a click away, and we'll be there when you need us.

Organizations desire to concentrate on their primary operations. The obvious choice is to outsource an IT service desk. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Qualified individuals, for example, can be seconded to your organization. A remote IT support desk can also be utilized. Outsourcing has several advantages, including the ability to adapt swiftly to changes and the ability to pay a fixed sum on a regular basis.

Your problems VS Our solutions

There is no time or focus on improvements right now. As a result, the service desk does not adapt to the organization’s changing needs. Really, you shouldn’t be concerned about the service desk any longer.

By selecting our Remote Service Desk, you select liberation. You are no longer required to invest time hiring qualified employees or setting up and enhancing the service desk. You can devote more time to your main line of business by using our best practices.

The effectiveness of the current service desk is not sufficiently understood. The service desk might or might not desire to expand along with your business. As a result, you won’t notice any changes in support, and employee unhappiness will increase.

We give you access to information about the effectiveness of our service through our Service Desk On Location. By doing this, we can identify areas for improvement and work on them together.

You need a service desk that can support your business with the necessary expertise. You favor support that is tailored to your procedures and corporate culture. The ideal solution is the Service Desk On Location.

Your first priority is flexible service desk availability. Because not every employee requires the same level of help, for instance Also, different occasions ask for assistance for your individuals. The Remote Service Desk would be ideal for you.

When your users require remote assistance, they can get it from this internal PREQON service desk. By doing this, you can be certain that people receive aid right away and that the level of support is ensured.

Your IT assistance is currently inaccessible; neither the service desk staff nor your company are aware of one another. Employees at the service desk that comprehend your customers and provide helpful assistance are what you want.

You can get this support locally if there is a service desk present. The service desk staff members are coworkers who are familiar with your business. You will receive individualized support that is tailored to your business in this way.

Although your service desk staff members are skilled at offering assistance, but their knowledge is not sufficiently secured. It is difficult to guarantee consistent quality if the knowledge disappears when employees drop out or leave. You want IT support that is of consistently good quality.

Our Remote Service Desk is a wise choice in that case. This way, your organization can rely on our support continuing. Without needing to spend time maintaining the service desk staff’s level of expertise.

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